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You are a scavenger focused on building robots to defend yourself and your town. You realize you are more talented than most when it comes to building robots. You have also seen that the world outside the safety of your town has many secrets. After you complete the instructional quests, your character becomes curious and driven by the urge to explore.

The World

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting; a catastrophe, which has been forgotten already, has destroyed most of civilization. Nowadays, the world is no longer in a dark and grim aftermath; it is now a place of adventure and new opportunities. The remaining humans struggled for survival, but by the time the game takes place they have built settlements which are more or less sustainable.

Customize your Robots

Your main objective in Panzer Pets is to construct the most powerful team of robots. Every robot’s most important component is their Core, which provides the basic skeletal framework. The Core  determines a robot’s character, shape, weapons and components you may attach to it. It also determines the robot’s attributes like, strength, stamina, agility, speed.

The Battles

Battles are the core mechanic of the game. While the towns are relatively safe, the wilderness outside of the town is a different matter. You may come under attack by uncontrolled robots which are protective of their scrapheaps and complexes.

"There are three things each gamer likes, collecting stuff, customizing characters and leveling up! That, in combination with our favorite pets, robots, makes Panzer Pets an incredible game."

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